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Anna Ziemba - a dentist

She graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry of Medical Academy in Bialystok in 2001. She is the owner and the leading doctor in the Dental Clinic Den Arté. She acquired her professional experience in the field of prosthetics and aesthetic dentistry under the direction of Zbigniew Piankowski (DMSc). Aesthetic dentistry and prosthetics are her professional passion. She has been developing her skills in these fields restoring beautiful smiles to her patients. She has continuously upgraded her practical skills and knowledge taking part in numerous trainings, courses and congresses.

Zbigniew Piankowski (DMSc) - a dentist

He acquired his knowledge and practical experience in Germany. He was running a dental practice in Gutersloh for over twenty years. There, he cooperated with the best doctors and dental technicians in Europe. In 2000 he came back to Poland and set up a dental clinic - Art Oral. Since his comeback he has been running various trainings and courses for doctors. He is recognized as an authority in the area of prosthetics and esthetic dentistry.

Robert Kucharski - a dentist, a specialist in dental sugery

He graduated from Medical University of Gdansk in 1997. He is a specialist in dental surgery. He is a long-standing academic employee of Jaw-Facial Surgery Clinic and Dental Department of Medical University of Gdansk. He takes part in numerous courses and congresses on dental implantology, dental surgery and aesthetic dentistry in Poland and abroad. In our clinic he occupies with dental surgery and dental implantology.

Anna Kabacinska-Jerzak - a dentist, a specialist in conservative dentistry and endodontics

She graduated from Medical and Dental Department of Medical University of Gdansk with distinction. She is a longstanding academic teacher and lecturer in the Department of Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics of Medical University of Gdansk. In our clinic she does endodontic treatment under microscope, conservative dentistry and prosthetics. She still extends her qualifications taking part in numerous trainings and scientific courses in Poland and abroad. She is interested in chewing organ dysfunction, occlusal ailment and TMJ problems.

Agnieszka Kowalczyk – an orthodontist

She is a graduate of Medical University of Lódz. In 2001 she became a certified dentist. She started a specialization in orthodontics in 2005. In our clinic she deals with prophylaxis and treatment of occlusal deficiencies as well as treatment of jaw-facial deficiencies in children, teenagers and adults. She still extends her qualifications taking part in numerous trainings run by the most acknowledged authorities in the field of orthodontics all over the world.


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