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The idea of setting up a dental clinic - Den Arté - in Sopot was creation of a unique place completely different from any other dental clinics existing nowadays.
Art that touches senses is the leitmotif of our clinic. As it is reflected in the décor of our interior we dare to say that it resembles an air of an art gallery. Minimalism and simplicity of form, spaciousness and a lot of sunlight complete the décor and create very original, intimate atmosphere. That is why an appointment in Den Arté is not only pleasure, but also it is a truly art sensation.
Den Arté is one of the most technologically advanced clinics in our region. It was launched to meet the needs of a demanding patient who is guaranteed the best quality of service supported by the most modern technology and the latest methods of treatment. Our team consists of outstanding specialists known for remarkable achievements and great experience.


Sopot Dental Clinic Den Arté, ul. Armii Krajowej 122, 81-824 Sopot, +48 606 790 207,

designed by: Sopocka Odessa Studio